Customers: See demo of newest feature

New Feature:   My Bionic Brain® Action Plan Integration with other popular calendars

This is an example of the type of update our customers can access in this “For Customers Only” section of the website.

This particular update illustrates how My Bionic Brain® users can schedule and view tasks and appointments in a “Monthly View” calendar, a “Weekly View” calendar, or in their original My Bionic Brain® daily Action Plan calendar. On-line training accompanying updates demonstrates the use of various features. For this example, they would learn how to:

  • sync Google or Outlook calendars to their My Bionic Brain®
  • create My Bionic Brain® alerts they can hear and see on an iPhone, if they have one
  • hear alerts they make in My Bionic Brain® on an Apple Watch, ifthey have one
  • create events in Google Calendar of Outlook that are synced andfully integrated in My Bionic Brain® their iPad, their iPhone and/or their Apple Watch