Kathy’s Story: For the rest of Kathy’s story . . .

Founder, Kathy Moeller, has been involved in new technology since 1980. Long before she knew what the term “assistive technology for cognition” was, she was inventing it – first for herself in order to return to work – later for others who wanted to do the same.

Her father was a math teacher.  Her mother was a workshop supervisor for adults with developmental disabilities.  Kathy started working at age 14, worked her way through college and graduate school, and was on her way to enjoying a career in new technology marketing when the car crash interrupted her plans.

Her early life experience gave her a deep appreciation for the value of service and meaningful work.  As someone whose work life was important, hearing from some of her doctors that she “might never be able to work again,” or perhaps not even live independently, fueled a fire to battle back that exists to this day.

All the principles of recovery Kathy has learned from the professionals in her life as well as from the hundreds of peers she has worked with over 20 years’ time, are now embedded in products she creates and the services she offers.

Kathy lives in Medford, Oregon with her husband of 20 years, who is a drug and alcohol counselor.  She has two grown daughters and two grandchildren, with another grandchild on the way.  When asked what keeps her going, her response is this:

“After experiencing a brain injury, or after being born with a brain that works differently from others, acquiring the tools and skills a person needs to follow their dreams should be within everyone’s reach.  It should not require a million dollars of insurance, like I had.

Collaborating with others who share this vision gives me hope that my children and my children’s children will have access to the tools and skills they need, should the goals and dreams they have become affected by experiencing cognitive differences.

If you missed it, check out this brief video to learn how Kathy’s life’s work has transformed the best paper-based EVERYTHING-IN-ONE-PLACE solution to become the most comprehensive, specialized assistive technology for cognition available today — My Bionic Brain®.