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Finally, I don’t have to hunt in my head, in my house, or on my desk for anything. Everything is easy to find in My Bionic Brain®.
Office worker with brain injury
My Bionic Brain® is not like a typical calendar or note taking app. Everything is connected – my schedule, my cue cards, my plans, my projects – even my documents and e-mails.
Worker with TBI and Autism
I was skeptical about on-line training at first. But the way Kathy does it, it’s like she’s right there next to me showing me what to do.
Worker with brain injury

Finally. . . Everything is in one place in My Bionic Brain®

Notes, Calendars, To Do Lists,

Shopping Lists, Journal.

Also medical records, project plans, reminders, memory cues, strategies, routines. Also all DOCUMENTS, PICTURES, E-MAIL AND APPS

can be synced to your iPhone and Apple Watch!

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