Speaking Engagements, Workshops and Conference Presentations

● Montana Speech and Hearing Association, Missoula, MT (Fall 1995)

National Brain Injury Association, Annual Conference, San Diego, CA (Winter 1995)

Independent Living Resources, Napa, CA (Winter 1996)

Nebraskas Annual Vocational Rehabilitation Conference, Kearny, NE (1997)

● Washington Brain Injury Associations Life Initiatives Family Training,” Bellingham, WA (1998)

B.C. Ministry of Education, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Spring 1999)

Midwest Regional Conference of Rehabilitation Professionals, Springfield, MO (Spring 1999)

Southern Oregon Goodwill Industries Workshop (week-long workshop for clinicians)

Pacific Northwest Brain Injury Conference, Breakout session workshop format, Portland, OR (Fall 2007)

  ● California Community of Practice Secondary Transition Conference:  Co-presenter for breakout session, Palm Desert, CA (Spring 2008)

● Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation, In-service p presentation to clinical staff, Pomona, CA

Regional Disability Conference:  Keynote. Conference sponsored by the Oregon Competitive EmploymenProject and the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (Fall 2008).

Third International Vocational Outcomes in Traumatic Brain Injury Conference. Poster Presentation: Collaborative Presentation with Nebraska Department of Education and Mott RehabilitatioServices (Spring 2009)

National Autism Works Conference, St. Louis, MO. Facilitated two break-out sessions featuring My Bionic Brain® Cognitive Prosthetic (Spring 2012)

11th Annual Pacific Northwest Brain Injury Conference, Portland OR. Break-out-out session entitled, “The Future of Prosthetic Cognition” (Spring 2013)

2014 Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Annual In-Service Training, Salem, OR:  Break-out sessions: (1) “Outsmarting Cognitive Disability and Getting (Back) to Work,” and (2) “The Future of Prosthetic Cognition”

2015 Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America – Annual Conference, Denver, CO, June 2015: Invited to present workshop break-out session entitled, “From Soup to Nuts: Using Assistive Technology to Outsmart Cognitive Challenges”