Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Specialized resources for workers with brain injury and other cognitive disabilities are few and far between. Cost-effective resources are even more difficult to find. Cognitive Harmonics was founded to meet this need.

Comprehensive Solutions

Cognitive Harmonics offers specialized assistive technology, skills training, job coaching, and other services that many workers with cognitive challenges need. This takes the guesswork out of creating effective vocational plans.

Our flagship product, My Bionic Brain® is the key

My Bionic Brain® visually cues a worker to create notes that seamlessly integrate with an easy-to-use “Action Plan” calendar. No time is lost making notes because information is captured by voice, with text instantly appearing as key word searchable text.

No lost time finding information either. Notes are created as key word searchable text with everything the worker needs in one place – their “cognitive wheelchair.” Visual cues direct the worker to where they need to look for strategies, for names, for facts and figures – even documents.  With or without a human job coach, the individual has 24/7 technical support and access to one-on-one compensatory skills training. The result is less stress, fewer mistakes, improved cognitive stamina and better job retention.

Find this hard to believe? Talk to our customers. Talk to their VR counselors.

Why is this population so difficult to serve?

If you are a VRC who serves consumers with memory and other cognitive disabilities, you know how low the work or return-to-work rate is.  You know how difficult it can be to develop a successful plan. We can help. There are solutions to memory, organization, time management, and other challenges. And challenges with social skills, emotional control and judgment and problem-solving.

Key Factors for Success

Most of your clients will not have had any compensatory skills training (cognitive rehabilitation). Assistive technology is an option to make up for this, but finding the right AT has its own set of challenges.  Both have an important role to play in successful vocational outcomes.

My Bionic Brain® supports successful outcomes

My Bionic Brain® has been called a “cognitive power chair.” This is a useful metaphor because it conveys how this kind of specialized assistive technology for cognition creates the kind of cognitive stability and mobility that neuro-typical workers naturally enjoy. Contact us and let us show you how it works.